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ERT 1 for AK Transfer & Travel

AK Transfer & Travel is Your Safe Guard !

28 Apr 2021

ERT1 (Greek National TV) realizing the importance of the SAFE GUARD by B.V. scheme against covid-19 

& the fact that we are the only certified company in Greece in our field, invited us on 21 April 2021 to talk

& give a short presentation of the SAFE GUARD procedures during the "Sindeseis" broadcast. Please click on this link or on the screen below if you wish to watch. We wish to express our gratitude to ERT 1 & the staff of "Sindesis" for the honor & the opportunity they gave us.


moveo for AK Transfer & Travel

23 Apr 2021


Καινοτόμος στην ασφαλή μεταφορά η AK Transfer & Travel...

 Με διεθνή πιστοποίηση για την υγιεινή κι ασφάλεια, η AK Transfer & Travel προσφέρει εξατομικευμένες υπηρεσίες στη μεταφορά προσώπων καλύπτοντας κάθε ανάγκη με βασικό γνώμονα την πολυεπίπεδη εξυπηρέτηση των πελατών της more

Steering Wheel Cleaning.jpg

Cleaning & Disinfection Procedures

AK Transfer & Travel is Your Safe Guard !

20 Apr 2021

Click the link to watch our short video showing briefly the detailed cleaning and disinfection procedure we are implementing based on the SAFE GUARD protocol against covid-19

covid free.jfif

PCR test result in 2 hours...

27 Mar 2021

In our effort to offer the best possible services to our clients we are happy to inform you that we came to an agreement with a laboratory to get PCR test result in two hours. The offer applies only to those using our services !!!


It is NOT a rapid test !

It is NOT a self test ! 

It is a REAL PCR test !

Services & Advantages...

* We transfer the medical staff to your premises, house, sea port, airport, hotel etc., waiting for the test(s) to be completed & driving them back to the laboratory to get your results in two hours. (The service is available in Athens / Piraeus & destinations up to 150 km from the center of Athens).

* We bring the medical staff at Venizelos Airport, the crew member / traveler etc gives sample, we return the medical staff back to the laboratory and the individual's result is ready before he / she arrives at the final destination.

* We transfer you and / or your team to the laboratory, waiting for the test(s) to be completed & we drive you back or proceed to your destination (The service is available without distance limitations).

* Business associates, employees, crew members, superintendents, surveyors, inspectors etc. from / to the airport / sea port, can be tested and proceed directly to their destination. The result will be ready almost by the time they 'll arrive there.

* Stay & work safe, protect yourselves & your workmates. Be sure that you are not affected before you go to your meeting, job, etc without losing time & avoid the stress of waiting for the result.

* Save time & money. No additional waiting time (up to one day in some cases) for the result. No delays. No lost time. No extra service boats. No extra hotel stays / expenses. No missed flights.

* The price of the test is at the most competitive level of the market.

* The price of the test at your premises / sea port etc. depends on the number of persons to be tested.

* The laboratory works from early morning till late evening on weekdays, tests can also be arranged during weekends. (subject to earlier arrangements and availability).

* As the demand is high prior arrangement & appointment are highly recommended. 

- Get advantage of our supreme transfer services & unbeatable prices to get your PCR result in 2 hours !

- Please contact us for services tailor made to your needs. email : or through your local agent.


Added Sitting Capacity​

25 Jan 2021

New seating regulation for vans - 9 seaters

As of 25 Jan 2021 the carrying capacity of 9 seats vans is increased to 3 passengers (the driver plus 3 passengers)  instead of 2 which was the previous limit. This gives more flexibility to you as well as to us to accommodate the transportation needs of your passengers, customers, visitors, superintendents, crew, technicians, surveyors, inspectors etc.

Please contact us for more information and get a solution tailor made to your needs.


Santa's Official Transfer...

10 Dec 2020

Our company on Santa's request became his official transfer...

We are really blessed and honored as Santa choose us as his official transfer partner in Athens - Greece for this festive season !​

We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 2021 !!!


Safe Guard by B.V.

11 Nov 2020


We proudly inform you that on 11 Nov 2020  our company was assessed by the "Bureau Veritas" and we were awarded with the "SAFE GUARD" attestation as compliant with the guidelines of the scheme with regards to our preparedness & procedures against covid-19.

We are the first and only (at the time of the assessment) in Hellas in our business sector with the above mentioned attestation.

We wish to thank T.V.S. for the consulting services provided to us in order to be prepared for the audit / assessment as well as to their e-Dio team for the development of our web site and the incorporation of our procedures in it.

Of course we wish to extend our thanks to our auditor as well as to the rest of the "Bureau Veritas" team for their cooperation and professionalism.


For all of us in AK Transfer & Travel the process of preparation and implementation of the "SAFE GUARD" guidelines & requirements was a hard / stressful and at the same time constructive journey.

We wish to assure you that we will continue to work hard, stick in our philosophy to offer to all of you top class services and the safest conditions for your business / private and family transfers and travels. 


       Peugeot Traveler

4 Nov 2020

The company's latest acquisition... 

We are really happy to inform you about our company's latest acquisition. A new Peugeot Traveler, 9 seats, 2.0 ltr, 180 hp, auto, eco leather, automatic side sliding door. The car, as can be seen in the photos, since her first day exceeds the Hellenic state's regulations with regards to passengers' protection from covid-19. In addition we are in the process of being certified by the "Bureau Veritas" as compliant to "SAFE GUARD" requirements.