Athens City Tour-Full Day

What you will see

Enjoy Athens' sightseeing from the comfort of our “SAFE GUARD” awarded vehicles.

This tour is your opportunity to enjoy all different aspects of Athens. You will have the chance to admire the wonderful architecture of the 19th century. Buildings like the Academy and the University of Athens, the Old Parliament of Greece, the Catholic Church, the National Library, the Parliament of Greece (former royal palace), the Numismatic Museum are iconic examples of that period.

The monument to the unknown soldier which is guarded by the ‘Evzones’ is another “must see” spot.

The National Gardens (former royal gardens), Zappeion Hall and the surrounding gardens will give you snap shots of Athens’ history.


“Roman Athens” in the ruins of Olympian Zeus’ temple and Hadrian’s arch as well as the “Kalimarmaro” (fine marble) stadium with a capacity of 100.000 seats, (the place where the first modern Olympic Games took place in 1896), will give you a good idea of Athens’ beauty in ancient times.


Of course the tour cannot be completed without visiting the masterpiece of ancient architecture, “Acropolis of Athens”.

Parthenon, Erechthion, Athena Nike’s temple and Propylea are some of the marvels of the golden age of King Pericles.

Standing on the top of the Acropolis hill you will get a panoramic view of other important sites of the ancient Athens. The Areopagus Hill, the Ancient agora, the theater of Dionysus are some of them and of course don’t forget to capture the breathtaking view of the whole city.

Now it’s time to entertain your stomach !

Choose one of the restaurants at Plaka or Monastiraki, feel the pulse of the vibrant old part of the city and taste delicious Greek or international cuisine. Live music entertainment is available in numerous restaurants.

Now, with your batteries re-charged you can continue exploring ancient art at the new Museum of Acropolis or alternatively, you can visit the National Archaeological Museum.

8-9 Hours